How to adapt to the new dawn of finance

How to adapt to the new dawn of finance

Written by Kieran McBride on Fri 06 Oct 2017

Data is the new oil, or so the cliche runs. With huge tech megaliths such as Amazon and Google acquisitioning our data through voice and image interfaces, much wealth is flowing through their vast data repositories with little or no resistance from the consumer under the promise of frictionless experiences and lives facilitated by an ecosystem of integrated digital devices.

How will the advent of connected homes and lives change the way we function together as a society? Where these technology native organisations are gaining greater power and control through data, the banking industry is experiencing a radically different trend, with control flowing back to the consumer. 

Rowland Manthorpe, Associate Editor at WIRED is one of a stellar line-up of speakers at #twbconf and expert speaker on the subject of open banking. Join us to find out how to understand the opportunity that data and open banking presents the consumer and the finance  industry as a whole. 

Due to European PSD2 regulation, In January 2018, the nine biggest banks in the UK will be required to open up their data: the decades-long record of everything spent, shopped, lent and borrowed. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean that your data is suddenly publically available, what it means is that consumers will no-longer have to be serviced by solely central retail banks to manage their finances - it means that it opens up another new field of competition, which is great for the consumer. It means a new dawn for finance.

Banking as we know it is a redundant model, any bank's proposition as a one-stop-shop closed ecosystem is dead. By understanding Open Banking, we can understand the secret life of data in the digital economy.

Rowland joins expert speakers from NHS Digital,, Barnardo’s, The London Mayor’s office, My Life Digital and Edo to talk on everything from GDPR, new ways of working and emerging tech - to design collaborative change for a brighter socio economic future. 

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