BuzzFeed: Growing a global publishing network

BuzzFeed: Growing a global publishing network

Written by Lauren Howells on Wed 05 Oct 2016

Luke Lewis, Head of European Growth at BuzzFeed joined us for the Together We're Better Conference 2016, talking about growing a global publishing network through tech, product and data science.

“We’re obsessed with data,” began Luke Lewis, who joined Buzzfeed in 2013 where his role consisted of “writing posts and getting people to click and share.”

Four years’ later and Buzzfeed uses a global network that investigates the science of what makes people share content in order to generate impact in the real world, such as the Stanford rape survivor letter, which was given to Buzzfeed as an exclusive and translated into five languages, facilitating a global conversation on sexual violence with over 20 million views. 

This global network doesn’t just share content; they talk to each other, learn from each other and share data. 

“Data is meaningless without communication,” continued Luke. “The better we know one another and work together the stronger our content is.”

Buzzfeed also promotes a work culture that empowers and encourages staff to try new things. 

“What goes viral is always something new,” said Luke. “So, for that reason you have to have the ability and freedom to experiment and be creative.”

How do Buzzfeed think about data? Don’t be a slave to it.