UX - the heart of Digital Transformation


UX - the heart of Digital Transformation

Wednesday 14th December 2016
9:30am - 12:00pm
Old Street, London

This event has now passed. 

The session will be led by Al Barker, Sift Digital’s Head of User Experience. He’ll explore how digital technology has fundamentally changed the speed at which organisations must react to remain competitive and relevant. This change is highlighting how the disciplines of user centred design and organisational change are intrinsically linked. 

Al believes that digital transformation is more fundamental than a lot of people perceive. In that it is not just about technology, marketing, data, and the end user experience, but digital being a catalyst for change, and about transforming organisational culture.

In this session, he’ll look at how we must extend the principles of user centred design (UCD), to encompass organisational capabilities and culture to affect user centred transformation (UCT).

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As Head of User Experience at Edo, Alex leads on programmes of work that assess and improve the capability and culture of organisations to use user-centred outputs in effecting meaningful and measu